Why Kos

  • Our stringent de-branding processes ensures complete brand protection;

  • Companies enjoy a substantial saving by not having to destroy product;

  • Companies earn additional income by selling the product;

  • The moral dilemma of having to destroy product that could make a massive difference to disadvantaged communities is alleviated;

  • We provide controlled disposal, exclusively through our own stores;

  • With our Credit Rating, you can look forward to fast, prompt and reliable payment;

  • We will give you a quick purchasing decision on the products you want to sell and handle large and medium-sized disposals;

  • KOS strictly adheres to instructions from companies as to which products should be destroyed and disposal certificates are obtained from the Local Authorities;

  • All packaging material resulting from de-branding is donated to a charitable cause and collected on a daily basis for recycling;

  • KOS donates de-branded food to several organizations serving the needy;

  • Any product not fit for human consumption is donated to farmers, who collect the sealed containers on a regular basis;

  • Public liability transfers to KOS upon collection of product and any specific indemnities are provided as required.

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